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Less is More

Clips, Notes & Quotes is my third blog. I know. My cousin Rhoda who was the inspiration for my first blog asked me today how I was going to keep up with three blogs when one is enough to keep you very busy. I explained to her that my plan is to do the same amount of blogging, but assign each post to the most appropriate of the three different sites. I hope I’m right. I’m really pumped right now, and I hope I can keep the momentum going when school starts. Yes, I remember how exhausted I am in the afternoons. Time will tell.

One of my favorite quotes is, “Less is More.” I use it in the classroom often, especially when teaching my students about concise writing. Of course there are many applications for the quote, and I will explore its meaning further in the future. For now let me say that this will be a site with two purposes: 1) to post short, meaningful pieces of writing such as poems, anecdotes, and quotes. 2) to share writing ideas, resources, and tips.

Let’s see if I can keep it short.


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